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Palmetto Bay is a Miami suburban incorporated village in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. The population was 23,410 during the 2010 US census.

Palmetto Bay includes two neighborhoods that were former census-designated places, Cutler and East Perrine.

The village of Palmetto Bay is an up and coming, growing community of nearly 25,000. Residents find peace and nature in this tree-lined neighborhood. Situated immediately West of Biscayne Bay, residents have easy access to the bay and water activities. Families participate in regular community events, golfing, boating, fresh markets and of course the many beautiful parks. This contributes to the family lifestyle that this neighborhood is known for.  

Growing households target this area not only for its recreation activities but also for its excellent schools. The area enjoys high quality public education offered by institutions that consistently score top grades with the Board of Education. There's a wide variety of well-ranking private schools available to residents as well. 

The Village launched its “Green is the new Black” initiative. Palmetto Bay seeks to become a model community for energy savings and environmental conservation. The Municipal Center is a testament to this goal.

You can find many types of realty in this neighborhood. From single family homes to townhomes, to small apartments, your property awaits you at Palmetto Bay. Lots are usually a half an acre in size.  

The 1920s era Miami estate of Charles Deering, Chicago industrialist, early preservationist, environmentalist, art collector, philanthropist is nestled along the coast in Palmetto Bay.  The Deering Estate is a cultural asset and a historic museum. This destination is visited by tourists and local residents. Signature events and community programs are regularly scheduled at the site.

Palmetto Bay is about 45 minutes away from Miami International airport. The Florida Keys are only an hour and a half away. Shopping is near at the beautiful The Falls, Dadeland Mall and Merrick Park.


In August 1992, Palmetto Bay and the surrounding South Miami-Dade area were severely damaged by Hurricane Andrew. Many of the homes and businesses in Palmetto Bay were destroyed. In the subsequent years, the area was slowly rebuilt. Unlike the destroyed homes which were made of wood frame construction, the new homes and construction were rebuilt with concrete walls. Although many areas of Miami were heavily affected by Hurricane Andrew, Palmetto Bay was one of the worst affected and remains a reminder of the hurricane's extensive disaster in the city today.[3][4]

The village incorporated on September 10, 2002, taking the territory formerly held by the Cutler and East Perrine census-designated places.[5]


Palmetto Bay is located just west of Biscayne Bay and South of the Village of Pinecrest.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the village has a total area of 8.8 square miles.


As of 2010, there were 8,372 households, out of which 5.4% were vacant. Between 2009 and 2013, the average median income for a household in the village was $105,122.[7] Also, between 2009 and 2013, the per capita income for the village was $39,271.[8]

As of 2000, before being annexed to Palmetto Bay, in the Cutler neighborhood, English was a first language for 65.56% of all residents, while Spanish comprised 28.78%, Portuguese accounted for 1.53%, Italian made up 0.66%, French was at 0.62%, and both Chinese and Tagalog were the mother tongue for 0.47% of the population.[9]

As of 2000, before being annexed to Palmetto Bay, in the East Perrine neighborhood, English as a first language accounted for 66.62% of all residents, while Spanish comprised 30.22%, French Creole was at 1.64%, and French as a mother tongue made up 1.49% of the population.[10]


At one point the Burger King headquarters were located in what was the Cutler census-designated place, in a campus described by Elaine Walker of the Miami Herald as "sprawling" and "virtually hidden away."[11][12][13] Burger King moved to its current headquarters in unincorporated Miami-Dade County in July and August 2002.[11] The former Burger King headquarters as of 2007 houses rental offices for several companies.[14]


Palmetto Bay IBus (free); South Miami-Dade Busway with direct link to Metrorail (at Dadeland South Station), Old Cutler Trail


Palmetto Bay is served by the Miami-Dade County Public Schools.[15]

Howard Drive Elementary,[16] Perrine Elementary,[17] and Coral Reef Elementary School,[18] in Palmetto Bay, serve separate sections of the city.

All of the city is zoned to:

· Southwood Middle School

· Miami Palmetto High School (Pinecrest)[19]

Palmetto Bay Private Schools:

· Westminster Christian School

· Palmer Trinity School

· Perrine Seventh-Day Adventist School

· Christ Fellowship Academy


Miami-Dade Public Library System operates the Coral Reef Branch Library in Palmetto Bay.[20]

Notable sites

· Charles Deering Estate is situated on Old Cutler Road in Palmetto Bay. It served as the home of Charles Deering until 1927, when he died at the estate. Currently, the estate hosts cultural arts events and can be rented out for private events, such as weddings.

· Thalatta Estate Park, a Mediterranean Revival style house built in 1926 and preserved as a park by the Village.


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